Every day a new experience

We want you to take many memories from your vacation: this is why we have created over 400 events throughout the year. Every season has its charms. In winter, your body will be warmed and your spirits lifted by Advent festivities and the carnival, which we also hold in the summer to show you every facet of our alluring riviera and its well-preserved traditional elements (the Novi kolo, straw thrashing in Selce). Spring brings aromas and flavours at culinary events and the excitement of sports and recreation. Summer abounds in activities, entertainment and music, giving you the opportunity to become a participant in many stories. You can, for example, cheer for the best grape picker during the traditional Vinodol Little Rose (Ružica Vinodola) contest or swim in the oldest marathon on the Adriatic, which has linked Crikvenica and Šilo since 1910. Autumn colours are even lovelier when Martinmas is celebrated, and December will be enriched by the Adria Advent Marathon, in which an international marathon and semi-marathon are held next to the sea.

You can push your own athletic limits in another marathon, this one for bicyclists. Street performers will provoke both awe and laughter, while numerous musical treats and warm summer nights will put you at ease and inspire you to dance. And there are so many other events in which you, our guests, can participate.


Crikvenica is known for its many cultural, sporting and entertainment events that are successfully supplemented with culinary specialities. Here it is easy to take part in sports and other fun activities. Swimmers can participate in the best known and oldest marathon from Šilo to Crikvenica, which is held on 15 August, bicyclists can enter the XCM Crikvenica marathon held in May, while joggers can try the double circuit Adria Advent Marathon, the only one in Europe with a seaside route.

Crikvenica has Pelagic Fish Month which offers unique culinary specialities. This is an event that delights all lovers of Mediterranean flavours. Fishing Week is one of the oldest events held to honour Crikvenica’s hard-working fishers. (Sr)etno Selce is a festival that highlights ethnic traditions and the cultural heritage. Other events that you should not miss include the Health and Outdoor Festival, Tourism Days, Advent, CrikvArt (a street performer festival), the “Na Palade” Festival, the Strawberry Festival, Melodies with a Taste of the Sea, the Carnival, and various festivals dedicated to music, dancing, traditions and coastal songs, as well as numerous culinary shows.

Novi Vinodolski

Novi Vinodolski is known for its unique combination of events adapted to the desires and preferences of every guest, intertwining tradition and modern elements enjoyed by both local hosts and guests alike. The Carnival is the best loved popular custom in Novi Vinodolski, in which fancy dress parties are an unavoidable component. Besides enjoying the exceptionally rich carnival tradition in the winter, there are also the Summer Carnival and the Vinodol Little Rose, while the Okolotorno takes you on strolls down the Old Town’s streets during which you can learn about old handicrafts, try local products and enjoy music and the fragrant ambient of the Adriatic coast.

You also can’t miss the Veljko Rogošić Memorial swimming marathon from Vrbnik to Novi Vinodolski held in August, the Kilometre Fest, the Novljanski gušti culinary festival, the Toast the New Year, the Coastal Triangle, Martinmas, May’s Fit4Novi, a vocal harmony choir review and many other concerts and boat races.


The Vinodol Ružica, or Little Rose, is the best known event in this region, which endeavours to preserve a tradition with deep roots in the past. The selection of the woman who is the most industrious grape harvester is accompanied by a program of entertainment, song and merriment. The Vinodol Summer Evenings promote culture and the arts and underscore the notable old Frankopan buildings. Vinodol is also proud of its fascinating interpretive strolls in the warmer months and its many carnival traditions, which are typical of the entire Crikvenica-Vinodol Riviera.