Novi Vinodolski

Novi Vinodolski

Be sure to visit the town of Novi Vinodolski, the home of the Vinodol Law Code, one of the most important medieval European legal documents. Also worth seeing are the neighbouring coastal communities of Povile, Klenovica, Smokvica and Sibinj, and their guardians in the hinterland: Breze, Krmpote, Donji and Gornji Zagon and Ledenice. It was in Novi that many wealthy land-owning families decided to make their home, thus significantly influencing the entire region’s history and traditions. Immerse yourself in the meandering seaside streets and stone architecture that richly reflects the ecclesiastical heritage bestowed by the Frankopans and a cultural heritage influenced by the old Mažuranić family of Novi, whose scion Ivan was the first commoner to serve as Croatia’s viceroy.

History has recorded this region’s most important stories, which you’ll never tire of hearing. Traditional cuisine, produce and recipes are presented in contemporary fashion, while preserving the inspiration of our grandmothers. The finest foods and wines are always on offer at the many events held in Novi Vinodolski throughout the year, adding more laughter and joy to your vacation, regardless of whether you spend it on the beach, at sea, on hiking trails or playing sports.

This area is the choice of many sailors not only because of its unique qualities, but also thanks to the well-equipped marinas that ensure the highest level of service while offering state-of-the-art berths, luxury rental suites, outstanding restaurants and other amenities. Novi Vinodolski has hotels that provide diverse services, among which the Lišanj Family Hotel and the Wyndham Grand Novi Resort are the most notable.

Besides beaches and cultural attractions, there is also something for recreational and professional athletes. Morning jogs on the beach, evening hikes or intense sporting activities will round off your list of experiences.

Don’t miss events such as Ružica Vinodola and Okolotorno, or visits to the Pavlomir Winery and Tasting Room, the romantic islet of Sveti Marin with its gothic chapel (a popular wedding venue), numerous scenic viewpoints and the Celestial Labyrinths, which are based on astronomical and cosmic principles. The Novi kolo (ring dance) and folk attire will delight even those who are otherwise indifferent to traditional performances. You can also enjoy the Novi Carnival, which is one of Croatia’s intangible cultural goods.