An active vacation

Rest actively

There is an ever-growing number of tourists who want far more than just the sun, sea and beaches; they want an active vacation, regardless of whether they are recreational or professional athletes or whether they prefer activities on land, at sea or in the air. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. The wider Crikvenica-Vinodol area has an astounding 425 km of bicycling trails and over 300 km of hiking and mountain trails, as well as footpaths along the sea and in the hinterland. The exciting but also romantic Lovers’ Lane is only one of many trails for both recreation and sight-seeing.

Divers can expect memorable encounters with marine flora and fauna, while sailors will find their favourite little corner in one of two marinas and fishers will find an ideal spot at sea or next to the lake in Tribalj. The picturesque hinterland attracts many paragliders, hang-gliders and lovers of horseback riding and hunting, while the Celestial Labyrinths and Mediterranean Labyrinth of Love will entice those who desire serenity and meditation. A unique feeling of freedom and a connection to nature is offered by looking through the magnificent viewpoints known as the Eyes of Vinodol. There are also gyms and playgrounds at which you can play football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and many other sports. Many professional athletes have chosen precisely this area for their vacations and to train for new sporting challenges.

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